Amateur SideQuest

What, or who, is Amateur SideQuest?

Amateur SideQuest is a couple of nerds (Adam, and Kia) who one day decided that our random gaming binges, might be fun for people to watch.
Adam is the main driving force of the channel and edits all of the videos.
Kia has ADHD and frequently bounces between being obsessed with a game and suddenly being absolutely bored about the game.
Join the two of them on their wild adventures as they (attempt to) play whatever strikes their fancy.

Why is it called Amateur SideQuest?

It all started when we were watching some of our favourite YouTubers playing whatever their current game of choice was. And what was the first thought one of us had? I want to play that game too. That happened on more than one occasion. Then we decided, you know what, we want to be that for other people too. We want to be the source of someone's newest "SideQuest". Maybe you only try it once, or maybe you binge it for a week like we do. Regardless, we want you to come along for the ride!
We are in no way professionals (hence, Amateur) and have no idea what we're doing but we wanted to have fun and bring others along on our sidequests.
We chose SideQuest because, well, we've all played a game or two where sometimes you get caught up just doing a bunch of sidequests rather than the main quest. That's kind of how we feel in life. This whole thing, and all the games we play, are just sidequests. They may be long running, they may be short lived, and they may even be unfinished. But regardless, they are whatever peaks our interest in that moment and we hope yours will be peaked too!

When does the newest video come out?

Our videos come out every Tuesdy and Thursday.
Adam's videos are on Tuesday and Kia's videos are on Thursday. Sometimes they alternate series from week to week depending on what's being played, but the one thing you can count on is joining Adam every Tuesday and Kia every Thursday.